Miracle in Ghana

We know that God often takes the metaphorical loaves and fishes and produces miracles - the last few days I have witnessed one. A Pastor called James McKeown left the UK in the 1950's and headed to the warmer climate of Ghana. There wasn't a welcome committee for him or an established church for him to … Continue reading Miracle in Ghana


Making Disciples of Busy People

Everyone is busy and I can't see this changing anytime soon - busyness may not be a virtue but it is certainly a modern day reality. Life can be so complicated juggling around work, family, community engagement and the many other things that we get involved in. If we do find space then it may not … Continue reading Making Disciples of Busy People

Making invitation simple

I'm convinced the majority of people don't engage with God or church because of misunderstandings. There's an old theory that our mind is like a set of drawers with each labelled by subject and when opened up, it contains thoughts, experiences and impressions that we've aquired over the years on that subject. So what about the … Continue reading Making invitation simple

Church Online – from streams to a River

We have an enthusiastic team of media savy techies at our Church. They use the 'now standard' Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram channels but have gone a step further in engaging with a digital audience and our city newspaper recently visited us to find out more. The dedicated team pull together the disciplines of sound, lighting, … Continue reading Church Online – from streams to a River


A lot of changes have happened in my life recently. After leading a national youth ministry http://www.serious4god.co.uk for the last 10 years I sensed God calling me on to a new season to lead a church - it has been both exhilarating and challenging. In November '13 I was inducted to lead the River Churches, … Continue reading Welcome